Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Comes and with it New Bangalore Wall flowers :)

Much to our pleasure- Introducing some new hands and brushes around here : ) 

Shaivalini's Mural

Sibya's Mural

this one here was done by Svabhu

Jit and Rohan

viplov's mural

Mihika's Mural

And Last but not least- Aditi's Mural.

This group decided one day to just go around painting walls in Yelahanka and the result is SO lovely :) 
I hereby pronouce 

Aditi Dash, Svabhu Varma, Shaivalini Kumar ,Sibya Rosalyn ,Jit Chowdhury ,Viplov Singh, Rohan Gupta and Mihika Shaunik

Bangalore Wonderwalls or Wallflowers if they prefer!
Looking forward to seeing more work by more people all over Bangalore on their own initiative. 
Thank you for Sharing.