Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New flowers bloom

 Though the wallflower project has officially been in hibernation for a year,
there are individuals and groups who carried on the flame.
 Like Gayatri Ganju, who has documented many a wall paint through her lens and painted many too
 Here's one of the founders of the wallflowers not spilling ink (as was his speciality)
 Gayatri painting a cat as is typical of her.

Akshath and Nalisha were also a big part in the Wallflowers last few paints

and the group above who came to our wall paint experiment at 1Shanti road,

A big shoutout also to Nikita Jain, who has also come by loyally and participated and co-ordinated paints over the months of hibernation :)


So when Prodigy came to town last year, the bangalore wallflowers were called to assemble a team to take over a wall on church street and paint a prodigy themed wall!.
this is how we began, as always, blank wall, sitting on the footpath.
and before we knew it we had a whole host of people assemble (including all the street children on churchstreet)