Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pictures of the Recycled Art Collage for International day for Climate ACTION

After collecting a day's worth of recyclable materials from home, a local recycler and a couple of tailors, a group of 12 motley souls, put their minds and hands together to bring you - WHAT a WASTE!

Composed at Bangalore Central Mall, the collage took 3 hours 50 minutes to complete. It was done in collaboration with the Indian Youth Climate Network [IYCN] as a symbolic gesture of our solidarity and synergy with's campaign for greener policies at the Copenhagen Convention.

WHAT a WASTE! is composed of

* a crescent moon of CDs bound together with binding wire
* an earth with trees of cork and a plastic loofah, a cloth moth, water bodies of cloth and wool, paper boats, ear bud water feature [can be taken off for reuse as user sees fit], paddy fields, water bodies and polluted areas of green, blue and black floppy disc covers respectively ; metal and plastic bottle cap trash, cigarette packet buildings and a few subliminal messages of hope
* a sun made out of bottle caps with braided cloth rays and red CD radiation and
* our atmosphere with shredded newspaper clouds, cloth air and smog, metal can satellites, a mobile phone space station, stars of aluminium foil, plastic plates and bits of CDs and a cigarette rocket

ALL this and MORE was stuck onto a recycled plank of plywood measuring approximately 4 feet by 4 feet using a mixture of fevicol glue and white cement.

WHAT a WASTE! is homeless right now. S/he or it will find temporary sanctuary in malls, performance art venues and other hubs for creative activity to coax people to 'donate' their recyclables. The materials collected will then be delivered to Saahas, a local NGO that disposes off recyclables and e-waste responsibly.

We wish WHAT a WASTE! safe travels through the city and congratulate and all the event participants on a wonderful show of solidarity! Here's wishing you a belated Happy International day for Climate ACTION and ALL a tonne of luck for the campaign! :D

Photo credits: Siddharth Chadha, Gayatri Ganju, Ridhi D'Cruz

General Credits: Bangalore Central Mall, IYCN, the De Nazareth's for immediately adopting WHAT a WASTE! and of course the beautiful souls for their generosity, time, energy and laughter - Gayartri, Namrata, Niyati, Nikita, Chitra, James, Deepti, Chocka, Tamseel, Siddharth, Shilo and Ridhi.

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