Friday, October 23, 2009

Recycled Art project for International day for Climate ACTION

Dear all,

Tomorrow is the International Day for Climate ACTION. has put forth the concept of conducting different 'actions' or events across the world. They intend to compile these different events to build a campaign for greener policies when our world's leaders meet for the Copenhagen Convention this December 7th - 18th.

The Indian Youth Climate Network [IYCN] is organising a BUNCH of 'actions' tomorrow across India.

Bangalore Wall Flower Project is collaborating with IYCN's Karnataka chapter in Bangalore bring you a Recycled Art Project.

Tomorrow evening starting 3 pm, we will be at Bangalore Central Mall. We are taking 3 hours 50 minutes [;)] to make a piece of art out of recycled material like bottle caps, Lays packets, tetra packs, etc by sticking them [with white cement and fevicol mixture] onto a large piece of plywood [recycled].

We have also organised a collection bin for recyclables from Saahas. I am told it is made of tetra packs :)

Please come on over :) And if you can, please bring along recyclable trash from your house like tetra packs, CDs, bottle caps [plastic/ metal]. Anything recyclable! :)

Hope to see you there

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